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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Jamie on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:00 pm

So as to make it very clear to everyone, these rules are for the entire Community,forum administration included.

Breaking any of these rules, will result in either a temp/perm ban,warning and possible loss of status in case youre part of the Staff.

Forum Rules

-Absolutely NO Advertisement. (Permanent Ban)

-Spam posts/threads (1 day Ban)*

-Quoting an advertising post, is inderect advertisement, and you may be banned for it. (1 day ban)*

-Trolling to be kept to a minimum. ( If a member reports you, you will be banned) (2 Day Ban)*

-No Scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)

-No keylogging or otherwise hacking members of the forums. (Permaban)

-No Disrespect of staff (5 Day Ban)*

-No Emote spam (Ie: Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile ) With no on-topic text(1 Day Ban)*

-No outside download links/Videos with download links,unless a Admin approves (6 Day Ban)**

-Posting in the wrong section. (1 Day Ban)*

-Excessive/Reported Flaming (2 Day Ban)*

-Bumping old threads (1 month or older) (3 Day Ban)*Note,Mods sometimes can bump threads that contain important info and/or important announcements.

-Soliciting Reputation (However putting "Rep me if I helped you" is acceptable,but lame)(3 Day Ban)*

-Begging (Just because you put "asking" does not mean it's not begging.) (2 Day Ban)*

-Reported racist comments (5 Day Ban)*

-Impersonating WoR Staff about getting Admin/Mod Status (Permanent Ban)

-Offensive Posts(Insults,offensive stuff as "KK"(means cancer in dutch,and dutch people dont like it))(1 day ban)*

*Those are exemples of punishments.The punishment may be lower/higher,or even non existent,in the cases where a warning may be enough.

Name & Special/Custom Title Rules

You need at least 200 posts for a text title change or become a Donator.
Title changes can be requested once every 200 posts.
At least 500 posts to request a "Picture Title"(Max:3)
Picture titles must not be in any way similar to Tags for staff/special members.
You need at least 1,000 posts to request a name change.
Name Changes can only be requested every 1,000 posts.
Names cannot be the same as any other member.
Names cannot be similar, or the same as any Staff member's name.
Names cannot be or have any form of [WoR][admin][mod]etc.
Names & titles cannot have profanity, or any offending induendo.

Some exemples of Image UserTitles:

Staff Only


To members in WoR for more then 6 Months

Female Members ^^

Also you can do your own or request at Graphic Section someone to do one.Size must be 152x22

Admin decision is final!If an answer is given to you by an admin,do not contact another Staff member with the hope that it will change something.

WoR Administration

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